The Homeric word “Laas” means stone. According to Greek mythology, Deucalion and Pyrrha created Laa, the most remarkable of all the prehistoric cities of Laconia, by throwing stones behind them. The Laas Estate naturally draws its name from the homonymous ancient Homeric word, placing emphasis on stone as the primary material used in its construction.

Nowadays, the creators of the Laas Estate built in Peania a separate multiplex that stands apart from everything you knew of reception halls. The owners of the Laas Estate began landscaping with certain core values in mind: Their love for nature, a respect of ecological balance, and the support of traditional Greek products. If we add to those values the unique touch an artist imbues in their creations, the result is a magical place; one ideally suited to house the most beautiful moments of your life.

Personal time, effort and passion are the keywords that shaped the final outcome of the Laas Estate. All the wood used in its construction was chestnut from Mount Athos. The stone came from the natural sediment of the estate itself. The paving slabs where brought from Kastanitsa of Arcadia, while the accent stones around the pool came from a traditional kiln of Zakynthos. Naturally, only ecologically-safe paint was used. Moreover, the latest advances in the field of bioclimatic interior design and construction were used for the heating, cooling, lighting and the optical clarity of the windows. Various kinds of fruit, cherry, almond, cypress, cedar and mulberry trees were planted around the Estate, while the lowest level hosts organically-grown vineyards.

So, apart from enjoying the three different levels of the estate, you can follow the cobblestone paths that lead you through the vineyards, relax in the beauty of nature, all the while taking advantage of the great asset of the Laas Estate: the stunning and unobstructed view of Peania, Markopoulo, the plains of Mesogeia, the Airport and the Evian Gulf. The dreamy location, the breathtaking, panoramic views, the beautiful nooks through the estate, the unique ecological approach and the direct contact with nature, all guides you through a nostalgic journey back in time. If you want the finest moments of your life to be accommodated in a place that exudes the aura of love, you need only choose the Laas Estate.


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